What FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES are Saying:

“Adam’s passion to see people made whole, his gift of communication and his zeal for the Jesus story is infectious. I pray that through his words you find an abundance of life.”

— Aaron Boyd (Musician, Writer of God of This City — Belfast, Ireland)


“‘Let’s Be Honest’ is a must read for every student preparing for college. Adam’s practical, challenging and insightful thoughts will help students navigate one of the most crucial transitions of their life. Adam has walked alongside college students for more than a decade. He has faithfully helped them grow in their relationship with Christ in the middle of an increasingly secular culture.”

— Adam Starling (Senior Pastor, Victory Family Church — Norman, Oklahoma)


“This book is a stunning breath of fresh air in its confrontation of the real issues and questions young adults navigate in their college years. This is not only an incredible resource for students heading into their first taste of independence, but it is also a much-needed handbook for parents who have been looking for help to prepare their young adults for the shock and awe of life outside their childhood home. This should be required reading for every high school senior, and for every parent who is intentional about launching their kids from the home with a strong sense of identity and purpose.”

— Amy Little (Founder, Beautiful Truth Ministries — Norman, Oklahoma)


“If ever there were a truly honest book for Christian young people entering college – this is it.  For too long the Church has sent its young into a secular minefield, without guidance and without a map.  Some survive spiritually. Many do not.  Adam Barnett is the real deal and a highly reliable guide.  He understands college culture and he knows how it’s possible to have a great college experience and a growing friendship with God at the same time.  Reading and listening to this book will save a lot of people from unnecessary grief.” 

— Bill Clark (Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church — Tulsa, Oklahoma)


“This is a must read for every high school senior and college freshman.  Adam’s honest assessment of collegiate life will help students avoid common pitfalls and begin their college experience on the right foot.  His insight and candor are refreshing!”   

— Brad Baker (Executive Pastor, New Life Church — Colorado Springs, Colorado)


“Adam Barnett is a leader of leaders, and through authentic and genuine relationships, he is a charismatic example of Christ’s love. His heart to see the Gospel change the future generations creates the light of hope in a dark world.”

— Cody Dunbar (Worship Pastor, Council Road Baptist Church; Recording Artist — OKC, Oklahoma)


“As someone who has been around students in both the church and classroom for over a decade, I've grown to appreciate the challenges of addressing effectively these students' needs as they follow Christ. Adam Barnett is someone who has a depth of experience and knowledge that can address these issues in ways that are fruitful. He speaks with grace and truth — a balance that is difficult to maintain, yet essential for speaking into the lives of students.”

— Daniel Bunn (Professor of Old Testament, Oral Roberts University — Tulsa, Oklahoma)


 “Adam Barnett has been an important voice in leading college students through their transition years. This is not a book of theory or ideas. This is a book born out of thousands of real-world relationships with college students. ‘Let’s Be Honest’ turns on the lights, pulls back the curtains, and brings all the toughest issues into the light. For every student and parent who wants to be prepared for the dim, foggy world of college, this book is an invaluable flashlight!”

— Ethan Vanse (Campus Pastor, Church on the Move — Tulsa, Oklahoma)


“Adam Barnett is a servant. He is a gifted servant. He loves God and he has a passion for guiding young people. ‘Let’s be Honest’ is simply another way Adam has discovered to help young people grow in their faith while at the same time laughing and crying their way through the process. This book will truly serve any young person if they will merely dive in. It is an easy read but it dives deep into the things that matter. I have no doubt his book will make any person that reads it, young or old, better in some way.”

— Jan Ross (Chief of Staff, University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball — Norman, Oklahoma)


“Adam and I met when I was an athlete at the University of Oklahoma. I had been looking for someone to talk to about my faith but I was uncomfortable talking about it out loud. Instead of force-feeding me Bible verses, Adam developed a relationship with me that I will always be thankful for. Only after he knew who I truly was did he begin to ask about my faith. As a true friend, Adam not only helped me give my life to Jesus, but he married me to my beautiful wife, Caylee. I will always be thankful to have Adam as a friend and mentor.”

— Joe Jon Finley (Football Coach, Texas A & M Football — College Station, Texas)


"Adam Barnett has faithfully led thousands of college students and young adults in their faith over the years. He is a passionate, engaging, and authentic orator and author. In a post-modern and globalized world, young people need to be empowered and equipped to not only proclaim the Gospel but live it out as well. Adam has made it his life's work to not only teach others but also model how to live a life worthy of the Gospel. His authentic and uncompromising perspective is like a breath of fresh air." 

— Ka’eo Yoshikawa (Youth Pastor, The Well Community Church — Fresno, California)


“This book is an extension of the ministry Adam has done for years.  Each chapter brings biblical and practical focus to some of the most important and difficult issues students will face.  It lays a foundation not only to prepare for college, but will set up the student to thrive and make an impact on people around them. Adam is a man I trust to influence my children. When the time comes, this book will be a must-read for my family.”

— Kyle Cantrell (Campus Pastor, Church of the Highlands; Recording Artist — Birmingham, Alabama)


 “What a timely read. U.S. college dropout rates are tragic. More Americans are going to college than ever before, but only 54 percent of  students graduate in six years... six years! Enclosed are clear expectations of what college will look like and how to prepare for it. A must read for students and parents alike.” 

— Matt Pinnell (Lieutenant Governor, State of Oklahoma — Tulsa, Oklahoma)


“Adam has been instrumental in leading college and professional athletes on mission trips to Haiti. I have seen Adam’s heart and ministry to college students. He is a strong person of character, a gifted communicator, leader, mentor, husband, and father. He truly has a heart for people, but especially college students.” 

— Otis Garrison (Vice President, Mission of Hope Haiti — Titanyen, Haiti)


 “‘Let’s Be Honest: Are You Really Ready For College?’ aims to provide a relevant and Biblical framework for coaching the emerging generation towards a life that thrives through the wonderful challenge of entering college life. This book is perfect for juniors and seniors in high school and is also an excellent resource for youth workers, parents, and pastors helping guide this generation towards a Christ-like life.  This book will make a difference and needs to be in the hands of our young people!”

— Tim Ciccone (Director of Youth and Young Adults, The Evangelical Covenant Church — Chicago, Illinois)


“Adam Barnett is one of the best ministry leaders I’ve ever seen and he is without a doubt an expert in high school and college ministry. His creative, thought provoking, humorous, and intentional leadership have radically impacted thousands of students for years. This is a must have book for parents, students, youth and college ministry leaders, and anyone looking to help students in this pivotal step into young adulthood. Adam hits all the topics that must be faced to approach college with the right heart and mind for Jesus.”

— Tim Mannin (Lead Pastor, OKC Community Church  — OKC, Oklahoma)


“For the past 15 years, Adam has been investing in students through pastoring and teaching. His heart for students allows him to teach truths authentically and with great transparency. Adam finds creative ways to help young people instruct and navigate this season of life. This book is also for families looking to guide and encourage students during this pivotal time in life.”

— Tracy Carlson (Parent and Family Programs Coordinator, University of Oklahoma — Norman, Oklahoma)


 “Having had the privilege of serving in ministry to college students with Adam for a few years, I can say with confidence that I would recommend this read for any student who is headed off to university.  As a pastor, his guidance to anyone in this age range is invaluable.  I have yet to encounter anyone better equipped to speak to this season of life in a compelling, truthful, loving-but-sharpening way.  I would advise any young soon-to-be-collegiate to read this book, and I would advise any parent of a soon-to-be-collegiate to gift it to their son/daughter; all can trust the fruit herein.

— Trent Langrehr (Worship Pastor, City Hope Church; Recording Artist — Mobile, Alabama)


“These 90 bite-sized targets, packed with dynamite truths, are what every student needs to digest as they launch to higher education.  ‘Let’s be Honest’ lays out the perfect runway to help first year college students land smoothly on campus and avoid a crash.  If you want real life wisdom that will lead to a concrete start and finish, this is the tool to get you there!”  

— Ward Wiebe (Director, K-West Kanakuk Kamps — Branson, Missouri)


“Adam Barnett’s years of ministry have been consistently marked by one thing: long-term impact.  Students that have been under his mentorship continue to ABIDE in Christ long after they are out of high school or college.  Adam has never been about a quick fix or flashy advice, but rather sound wisdom and direction that will keep a young person grounded and on a path that leads them into the full life that God has for them.  If there is a person in their late teens or early twenties that you care about, you want them to read these words of advice from Adam.”

— Wopsle (Student Pastor, Redeemer Church — Tulsa, Oklahoma)


What FORMER STUDENTS are Saying:


“I am honored to say that I have been able to hear the word of God from Adam since I was elementary age through my time in college. The way Adam is able to capture the attention and feed in to the hearts of students is nothing short of a gift from God. The way he leads is not as an authority figure, but as a TRUE friend. He gives you the truth whether it hurts or not. He has been there for me personally through the hardest time in my life and through the most eye opening, uplifting mission trip of my life. I am forever grateful to have this man in my life and call him a friend. 

— Beau Proctor (Physical Therapist — Oklahoma City, OK)


“Adam’s life, as is demonstrated in his family and his ministry, is one continually marked by consistency and integrity. He has served to be the stable role model to several youth and college students in a generation marked by anxiety and individualism. He unashamedly believes and proclaims the truths of God’s Word to be the solution to young people’s challenges. It is clear from personal experience that Adam deeply cares about God’s image-bearers. This is apparent by his truthful, yet longsuffering and gracious approach to the students he has discipled over the years. Truly, there are few as qualified as Adam Barnett to effectively speak into the lives of young people.”

— Brandon Ehardt (Middle School Teacher — Hamilton, MA)


"Adam Barnett is not only someone I look up to personally, but is a trustworthy man of God to follow. Adam was able to impact my life at the perfect time. The Holy Spirit guided Adam in leading me to not just follow Christ, but to LIVE for Him. Now that I work with college students, I find myself doing and saying the same things Adam did and I hope that my son finds someone like him when he is in college. At the end of the day, Adam is engaged with what is going on with college students and knows how to influence and impact that generation, both to pursue Christ, and also to prepare them for life."

— Brent Potter (Assistant Director of Kanakuk KampOut — Branson, MO)


“The influence that Adam has had on my life has helped me in so many areas. Adam has taught me so many valuable lessons on what it’s like to walk boldly with the Lord on a daily basis. I am thankful that Adam was able to minister and guide me throughout my formidable years at OU, as he taught me that even though I may go through trials, I am always able to rely on Christ, as He is my rock and foundation no matter what may happen. I know I can always reach out to him for anything, especially with the challenges I face being in the NBA everyday. I’m glad I have someone like Adam as a spiritual role model in my life.”

— Buddy Hield (Sacramento Kings Shooting Guard — Sacramento, CA)


“Adam’s influence helped me become closer to Christ. I told Adam I wanted to be baptized while we were in Haiti, and he asked me a question I’ll never forget: ‘are you doing this because of the moment, or because you mean it?’ His question showed me that Adam is intentional in his ministry. I’m thankful for all Adam has done for me spiritually and emotionally.”

— Cody Ford (Buffalo Bills Offensive Lineman — Buffalo, NY)


“I am thankful for Adam’s guidance. He was there for me during the good and bad times of my college career. He is an inspiration to me, teaching me to be great in this life and that I can change the lives of those around me by just being myself. His influence in my life, most importantly, brought me closer to Jesus Christ. I appreciate all he’s done!”

— Corey Nelson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker, 2016 Super Bowl 50 Champion — Tampa, FL)


“Adam’s ability to connect with and shepherd young people is truly something special. He is a strong leader while being transparent and endlessly genuine; a rare combo in today’s world. He is a master encourager and promotes the gifts and talents of others, which empowers them to find and walk in the calling that God has placed on their lives. I’ve personally been blessed by Adam’s friendship, his leadership, and being under his watch during my college years. If you’re heading into college, I would highly recommend you read this book and take it to heart. He won’t steer you wrong!

— Jonathan McQuitty (Worship Director — Lakewood, FL)


“I trust Adam Barnett with my life. As a mentor, he saw the ugliness of my sin exposed and like a skilled surgeon, he confronted it while maintaining the dignity and respect every young man's heart craves. He has coached me through some of the biggest and hardest lessons I've ever had to learn. I love my big bro. I trust that you will, too.”

— Joshua Burr (Oklahoma National Guard, 63rd CST WMD — Norman, OK)


“Adam Barnett is a man I have said many times that I would follow to the ends of the earth. No one person has had more of an impact on my life, my relationship with Jesus, and the way I lead my students than Adam has. Since meeting him my freshman year of college, Adam has encouraged, challenged, corrected and mentored me with authentic love, grace and truth to live a Christ-centered life in community with other believers. I am truly blessed to not only call him my mentor, but also my dear friend. Adam consistently lives his life as a Christlike example and any student would be better for patterning their life after his example and teaching.”

— Josiah Barkley (Middle School Ministry Director — Tulsa, OK)


“We are so thankful for the influence Adam has had in our lives. He walked with us through college and led us from there into marriage with great wisdom. He is our trusted resource of Godly counsel and we have grown significantly in our faith because of our time learning from him.”

— Kevin and Veronica Burns (Meteorologist and Interior Designer — St. Petersburg, FL)


“My relationship with Adam began at such a critical time in my life. As a new believer in high school with my father on a different continent and my mother working three jobs, his example, counsel, and leadership helped shape me into the man I am today. It his investment into my spirit, my character, and my knowledge of the Gospel of Christ throughout high school and college that lay a foundation of faith, hope, and humility in Jesus for both my life and my marriage.” 

— Khalil Benalioulhaj (Benali Marketing — Norman, OK)


“Adam was a gift when I was going through college. He conveyed the messages of the Bible in such a relatable and revealing way. College challenges can be new and plentiful, and I felt that I could come to him and his family at any time with anything. He actively found ways to help me combat my anxieties and give me plans of action through God’s Word and his own experiences.”

— Lauren Chamberlain (Professional Softball Player — Edmond, OK)


“If there were a time in my life where I could go back, it would be during my college years. The reason I would go back is to listen, watch, and take more notes from my college mentor, Adam. I’ve realized that his teaching not only taught me about how to be a man, but the lessons I learned have been applicable for my marriage, and now parenthood. He’s wise beyond his years and his teaching applies timeless truths.”

— Michael Hewett (Young Life Area Director — Coppell, TX)


"College is a time of incredible self discovery. All of a sudden, you are responsible for deciding what and who will and won't be a part of your life, what you do and don't stand for, who you are and who you want to become. When I walked through those decisions, Pastor Adam's teaching, encouragement, and friendship were an absolute game changer for me. While Pastor Adam was able to speak to the specific difficulties that came with that age, he was also able to inspire me, and countless others, to simply treasure the gospel above all else. I can't speak highly enough of Pastor Adam's character, his pure love for Jesus, and the anointing on his life to help young people authentically know, love, and serve God." 

— Powell Benalioulhaj (Benali Marketing — Norman, OK)


“Adam has mentored more college students than I’ll ever know, and he still managed to walk with me side-by-side as I embarked on the tough-yet-rewarding journey of walking with the Lord in college. Adam is one of the few men in my life that have directly impacted my life as a husband, father and friend. No one is more qualified or experienced in understanding the challenges facing college students today, and how to embrace them as a Christian. I have known Adam for 15 years and consider him a brother and mentor, and trust his leadership of college-aged students will shine through his words in this book.”

— Riley Cummins (Small Business Owner/Real Estate — Santa Rosa Beach, FL)


“Adam Barnet is a real winner. He has a heart for leadership. He has taken it upon himself to learn the word of God and to share it with the world. I can speak of that from my personal experience. Adam came into my life in college and led me to rededicate my life to Christ. He did this not by only standing on the podium, but having a real life, one-on-one relationship with me. He mentored me on a weekly basis helping me grow more spiritually. Adam’s leadership was a big part of my daily transformation. He made such an enormous impact on my life.” 

— Ryan Broyles (Entrepreneur — Norman, OK)


“A man of God, pastor, mentor, best friend, confidence builder, advice giver… Anything you need, he is there for. When I started college at OU, I was lost and had to figure it out. Adam was there to not only get me closer to our Savior, but to mentor me through school and basketball seasons. When I played professional basketball in Japan, guess who met with me on Facetime and walked me through the Bible? Adam Barnett. I cannot say enough about this man and what he has meant to me.”

— Ryan Spangler (Sales Manager — Oklahoma City, OK)


“‘Lets Be Honest… Are you Really Ready for College?’ is an outstanding source for young adults looking for insights on how to smoothly make the transition from high school to college. It doesn’t have all the answers — no one has all the answers, and no one ever will, but the detail Adam gives in each chapter allows the reader to connect on an almost personal level to him and his testimony.”

— Samaje Perine (Washington Redskins Running Back — Ashburn, VA)


“I was fortunate enough to first get to know Adam as the leader of our annual ‘Sooners 4 Haiti’ mission trip, taken each year by a group of Oklahoma student-athletes. In a short period of time thereafter, Adam became one of the most important figures in my walk with Christ, meeting weekly to walk through the ups and downs that life inevitably presents. Adam has incredible experience as a high school and college pastor and I would consider him one of the strongest men of faith that I know. His ability to relate to any and all types of people is truly a spiritual gift. Adam’s dedication to the Gospel gives me pure confidence the contents of this book will change countless lives because it is written by an ultimate spiritual warrior.”

— Trevor Knight (Financial Services — Dallas, TX)


“Adam was the single most influential person in my life and my courtship of my wife. God has personally blessed me with the opportunity to be discipled by Adam and join him on mission trips. He has a mixture of unapologetic, bold, biblical preaching and Spirit-filled charisma. I always admire someone who is willing to risk success for teaching hard truths, and Adam always did that in a humble manner, as he is submitted to the Word of God.”

— Trey Millard (Medical Sales — Norman, OK)


“As a freshman in college over a thousand miles from home, I turned to Adam for much-needed mentorship and guidance. Looking back now, I cannot begin to estimate his impact on my life. He is a wise counselor, a humble servant, and an incredible friend! I am forever grateful for his investment in my life!”

— Ty Darlington (University of Oklahoma Football Coach — Norman, OK)


“Adam Barnett has a unique gift to recognize potential in students and breathe encouragement that meets them where they are, but leads them to where God has called. His influence in our college years impacted each of our personal relationships with Jesus, and in doing so, has truly shaped the foundation of our marriage, and now family. The weight that his words carry is significant, and our respect for Adam has been earned through many years of us witnessing his relentless pursuit God!”

— Tyler and Kristin Neal (Benali Marketing — Oklahoma City, OK)