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Pre-marital Counseling!

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I have had the privilege of officiating over fifty weddings. Andrea and I love celebrating couples as they become one! However, what matters more is the day after the wedding… and the day after that… and the decades after that. In his book, You Are What You Love, James Smith writes that couples spend more time fixated on the spectacular flash of their wedding event than on the long slog of sustaining a marriage. He’s right. Rather than stressing about catering and invitations, apply that energy into preparation for spending your life with your spouse!  


Pre-marital counseling is critically important. Couples who I counsel are provided a 50-page packet that guides conversations on a variety of topics, including: 


  • God’s Purpose for Marriage

  • Expectations

  • Compatibility 

  • Spirituality 

  • Children

  • In-Laws

  • Finances

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Sexual Intimacy 

Application Form

Counseling can be done in person or via Zoom and can range between 4 and 8 sessions, depending on the needs of the couple. Please fill out the form above to inquire about availability and price.